Age Friendly Coaching for Women Across the Lifespan (new)

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Age Friendly Coaching for Woman Across the Lifespan 

Are you facing significant life transition and are not sure what's next?  

My passion is to help you rediscover your life purpose and create a path toward living the extraordinary life you want and deserve. Together we develop the vision you want for your life and then create an achievable action plan. You will have the support and accountability essential for you to achieve the results you want. 

This is what my coaching program delivers.

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Aging Powerfully With Purpose



Did you come to this page because your heart is broken?

I’m glad you are here. There is help. 



Are you in pain from the loss of a significant relationship through death, divorce, or loss of a pet, changes in a key life role, health, finances or any of the other 40 reasons why people feel their heart is broken? It does not have to be a recent loss. It may have happened years ago, but was not adequately addressed.

The dream of living the extraordinary life you deserve begins by exploring more about the myths of grief, understanding how grief impacts your life, and taking specific actions to heal your heart.  

Don't wait one more day to start your recovery

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Grief Recovery Method         


Meet Your Coach


I understand you are busy so I prepared a high-level overview of my background which illustrates the depth of experience that I bring to our work. If you want additional information, go to the “Grief Recovery “tab to read about my personal history. The “More about My Coach” tab describes my coaching and practice philosophy.

 Credentialed Coach

  • ICF Certified Advanced Life Coach
  • Certified in Wellness, Emotional Intelligence, and Life Transition
  • Extensive training in Group Coaching
  • Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist
  • ICF ACC credential in process

Education and Training

  • Ph.D Social Welfare
  • Masters Social Work (LICSW)
  • Extensive training in psychotherapy, trauma Informed care and suicide intervention
  • Expertise in Aging and Longevity
  • Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies

 Career Path Highlights

  • Veterinary Technician (24 x7 Emergency Care)
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency health care (EMT)
  • Professor of Social Work and Sociology (Tenure Track)
  • Clinician, Supervisor, and Administrator in Health Care and Mental Health Settings
  • Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist


My decade-long career in higher education is emphasized because of its influence and integration into my current approach to coaching, training, and public speaking. Helping students achieve their educational aspirations requires a systematic step-by-step approach to goal attainment. This is similar to the coaching experience and grief recovery trainer. I am a proven collaborative navigator and I will assist you in creating the vision and pathway to the extraordinary life you want and deserve.


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Life Coaching: Creating Your Vision


"I had recently retired, sold my home and moved to another state. I needed to start a new life and determine what I wanted to do with the years I had left. What kind of legacy did I want to have? I felt all the loose ends...needing friends, needing to see a future for myself in this new place, needing desperately to know how to leave a legacy. I needed someone who could help me tame the chaos inside and chart a course for the future. I knew I was not getting traction by myself. I didn't have time to waste. I knew about coaching and when I met Coach Jo-Ellen at a Women's Coffee event, I knew I had found someone I could trust to help me sort through the many ideas coursing through my mind. I love her questions. Somehow her questions caused me to sort through my thoughts and find the answer I knew all along. I also loved the way she saw the best in me and strengthened me with encouragement. Thanks to our time together, I now am so much more focused moving into my future. I had been so stuck and it feels so good to be making progress. I have a clearer idea of the legacy I want and can leave."
Carol B
Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Life Coach

"I was at a point in my career that I wanted to prepare for retirement. I didn’t know what that would look like and was scared for the next chapter of my life. Because of this the continuing stress was impacting my health. I needed someone to help me with the transition from putting all my efforts into work versus having a “life “ Being coached help me set weekly goals which pushed me to achieve a clear view of what could be. I am excited and happy to be near my retirement. I am finally feeling like I don’t have the fear to wake up wondering what I am going to do next. I am now nearly stress free."
Judy D
 General Manager YMC Mechanical 
I sought Jo-Ellen’s coaching expertise after making a career transition that stretched my existing skill set. Coaching with her helped me understand myself as an impactful leader in the workplace. If you are looking to be challenged and untap your potential, or just need an experienced personable coach to help navigate some challenging territory, then I highly recommend working with Jo-Ellen.
Patrick Wilder
Behavioral Health Division UHS, Inc.