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My Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is a continuation of my lifelong passion for supporting and serving others in living their best lives as defined by each individual. People may want to “fix” problems they have, but people are not problems to be “fixed”. I am attracted to coaching because of its’ forward focus. While acknowledging the past as an important factor in life, the idea is that now, today, the time is right to move forward in creating the extraordinary life you want and deserve.

I believe that each person intuitively has within them the knowledge of what they want and the information to make those decisions that are best for their life. As your coach, it is my job to cultivate a non-judgmental environment where you feel seen, heard, and understood. This opens the possibilities of deeper self-acceptance and uncovers solutions to achieving a more fulfilled, genuine, and authentic life.

Coaching is a co-creative relationship based on mutual respect and care. My goal, in part, is to hold each client accountable to the promises made during the coaching session and, if needed, explore barriers that block goal achievement.

The goal when you become a client with Gray Into Gold Life Coaching is for you to be the person you already are, but to evolve into the best possible version of yourself now and in the future.


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Elementary Watson - A Live Radio Talk Show hosted by Dr. Watson

KRBX Boise 89.9 - 93.5

Available to stream online at Tuesdays at 4:30MST


Elementary Dr. Watson is a live call-in show dedicated to helping people live their best lives. Done in a coaching format, action-oriented style, listeners can call in using an anonymous name if preferred, identify a desired life change, and then collaboratively agree on a series of small, specific actions to help achieve their desired goal. The focus is personal change, not an attempt to change anyone else. No diagnosing, no advice giving, no judgment. The listener is encouraged to call, text, or chat back to report to the listening audience how things are going and then identify the next steps toward goal achievement.

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What does the name Gray Into Gold and the logo mean?


The logo is a rendition of the legendary Phoenix, a bird that symbolizes emerging from a change, transition or even a catastrophe into a new being that is stronger, smarter and more powerful.  It is a symbol of rebirth. It represents the continuation of life through flames of change, rising from the ashes with a renewed sense of self. The phoenix is thought to bring good luck, harmony, peace, balance and prosperity*

 Gray into Gold Coaching, reflects the process of the Phoenix rising; change, life transition, and rebirth into a new life. This process is not a rebuilding of the same life, but a revisioning of what might be possible. It is not necessarily that the other life is bad, it may be that it is just time for a new approach. Gold is one of the most precious metals, intrinsically luminous and seeming to shine with a light of its own. 

 It is possible for you to have a Phoenix like transformation. I believe you are ready, and that you know exactly what you need and want to do to be living the life you deserve. You can start this journey at any stage. It is never too late or too early.  Let’s begin the journey together. It will be my honor to accompany you. Sign up for a complimentary Create Your Vision session above. 

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