Grief Recovery Method (One-on-One)

The only evidence-based

Grief Recovery program in the world.

An action-based, powerful, directed approach to healing from life's deepest heartbreaks. 

The Grief Recovery Method is a scientifically tested Evidence-Based Program that provides a tried and true method that has been continuously refined and used continually over the last 40+ years across multiple countries and in multiple languages to help people heal from loss(es).

This step-by-step training program is designed to give you the tools to recover from the pain of loss to access the joy of life before and after the loss. Unlike traditional therapy or support groups, The Grief Recovery Method uses a pre-established step-by-step action model, a specific grief and loss framework, and a limited number of sessions. 

This specific program format is for those who prefer to work one-on-one with me, a trained and certified Grief Recovery Specialist, rather than in a group setting. 

The one-on-one meeting format utilizes the same proven materials as the group program but in private online or face-to-face sessions. You will hear my story and watch me demonstrate the recovery tools I completed in my recovery process. I support you in a confidential and safe environment as you prepare to complete your session assignments.


You will leave the class understanding:

  • The cost of unresolved grief on your life and society in general.
  • The myths of grief and how they keep us confused and stuck.
  • A helpful definition of grief.
  • The strategies that are commonly and unsuccessfully used in managing loss.
  • Specific tools that will move you from pain to recovery.
  • How these tools can be utilized to manage future losses successfully.


Scheduling and Package Options

The 7-session 1.1 formats online and in person is offered continually as long as my schedule has openings. 

Option #1: Pace Your Recovery

The one-on-one program lasts seven sessions, and you should plan on meetings lasting between 1 ½ - and 2 hours per session. You will complete the program in a once-a-week session for seven weeks. 

Introductory Price for both Pace or Accelerate format:  $500/person

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Grief Recovery Method 1 on-1 Program - Pace Your Recovery Package


Option #2: Accelerate Your Recovery

A second option, Accelerate Your Recovery, is completed in the same seven sessions, but the meetings are scheduled twice weekly, and the program is completed in 3 ½ weeks. 

Introductory Price for both Pace or Accelerate format:  $500/person

 Click the link below to purchase now.

Grief Recovery Method 1 on-1 Program - Accelerate Your Recovery Program 


Option #3 Moving Forward: Create Your Vision

Moving Forward: Create Your Vision  This package option involves the completion of the Grief Recovery Training Program and four reduced-fee coaching sessions with me. The objective of the coaching sessions depends on the future-oriented goal(s) you select. Together, we focus on a step-by-step process for you to redefine the life you want and deserve. 

This package's Moving Forward coaching portion is available online and in person and is offered continually as long as my schedule has openings. Contact me, or schedule an online consultation appointment to discuss scheduling and how this offering will work for you.


Contact me for more details and to see if this is right for you.


Questions or concerns? Schedule a complimentary 45-minute online strategy session.

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Get to Know Your Advanced Recovery Specialist

Jo-Ellen Watson


I was born in Washington State and raised in a small town outside Walla Walla. My parents owned a family business and were involved in the life of our community. I learned the value of hard work and the importance of contributing to my school and hometown. I had animals to care for, gardening with my mom, enjoyed camping with my family, was active in Girl Scouts and equine 4-H, becoming an accomplished rider. Unfortunately, my early childhood was tainted by the trauma of sexual abuse, which remained a family secret. Like many children coming from similar situations, I learned to cope by repressing painful memories. I tried to prove my value by excelling academically, socially, and in other activities, some of which were risky and unhealthy. I continued that pattern well into adulthood.

After receiving a BA in Sociology from Washington State University, I moved to Seattle, residing there for fifty years. I enjoyed the excitement of a large city and took full advantage of all the career and social opportunities. I continued to excel at my work and education endeavors, receiving advanced degrees, including years of additional training in health and mental health care. My careers equipped me with valuable skills and experiences all of which I now draw on in my coaching, speaking, and training services.

Like many of you reading this story, I have experienced significant trauma and loss in my life. While professionally rewarding, my employment as a veterinary technician, ambulance EMT, social worker in a trauma unit, and later first responder mental health crisis worker took a personal toll. At my 30, I experienced a life-threatening abduction and assault by a stranger. I escaped the situation without bodily injury, but coupled with my childhood trauma, I suffered from PTSD for years before receiving help.

On my journey I have benefited from the compassionate care of mental health providers, including a psychiatrist I worked with after the adult trauma. He told me he was impressed with my ability to repeatedly reinvent myself, evolving into a better, more robust version of myself. After one session, he exclaimed, "You are like the Phoenix Rising," hence the logo of my coaching services.

I share this part of my story so that you know I can understand the emotional pain of losses you may have endured and might currently be experiencing. While I may not know your experience exactly, I can relate to the confusion, isolation, and questions about what to do next. I also know that healing, transformation, power, and revitalization are within your reach. I found these through my work with The Grief Recovery Method.